Agenda ––>

Agenda ––>

I am out of the office for paternity leave.

06 Apr Video book Freiraum in Basel seit 1968
31 Dec SMC by invitation Circolo Turba Lugano

16 Jan Daniel Karrer Fructa Space München
08 Feb Johannes Willi, cur. w/ Carlotta Zarattini, Residenza Lugano
10 Apr Group show Dokumentartage SALTS Birsfelden
00 Oct Terra Incognita Dreispitz Basel-Münchenstein

––> Past

02 Dec Round Table United Theater am Neumarkt Zürich
25–28 Oct Odéon Intensivo Espacio Odéon Bogotá
21 Sept Draisinenrennen/Draisine Derby 3
05/06 Oct Social Muscle Club Schauspielhaus Zürich
14 Jul Water Yump @ Waldburger Wouters ShanghART –14 Aug
14 Jul Finissage: Water Yump, Museum Tinguely
09 Jul Vernissage: Water Yump, Museum Tinguely –14 Jul
16 Jun Grand Café Party @ Clarastrasse 4 Basel
06 Apr Opening 68–88–18. Freiraum in Basel, Webergasse 34 –27 May
03 Mar Closing Sara&Natascha, Johannes Willi, Bikini Basel
25 Feb Opening Sara&Natascha, Johannes Willi, Bikini Basel
19 Feb Johannes Willi: Ayahuasca la vista –21, Carnival
18 Feb Johannes Willi: Yypfyffe, Kunsthalle Basel
27 Jan Symposium: Performing the Exhibition, Kunsthalle Basel

13 Jan Im Taumel der Nacht opening (Trikot) –5 Feb
21 Jan Im Taumel der Nacht museum night (Trikot) –5 Feb
11 Mar Social Muscle Club #8 (Elisabethen Church)
7 Apr Feldexperimente opening (Dokumentartage) –21 Apr
12 May Social Muscle Club (Berliner Festspiele)
13 May Social Muscle Club (Berliner Festspiele)
19 May HAUS#99 Docu exhibition (Architekturmuseum) –18 Jun
13 Jun Umwelt Mode w/ Thomas Jeppe, opening (Klara) –18 Jun
9 Sept Social Muscle Club #9 (Elisabethenstrasse 10)
19 Sept Social Muscle Club #2 (Zürich, Toni-Areal)
23 Sept Draisine Derby 2 (Oslo Night 2017)
01 Oct I like the Universe opening (Crispr Bogotá) –8 Oct
04 Nov Everybody Knows opening (Bikini Basel) –19 Nov
04 Nov Umwelt Mode Video screening (Klara@Summe) –19 Nov
11 Nov Everybody Knows show (Bikini Basel)
18 Nov Everybody Knows screeening (Bikini Basel)
14 Dez Künste im Gespräch (SRF Kultur Kontext)
14 Dec Talk/SALTS w/ G.Folly/S.Leuenberger (SALTS, RadioX)

––> 2015/2016

Photo (Nic Gysin): Opening Party in Thomas Jeppe's Unsere Umwelt at Haus#99, June 2016

29. November 2018

New videos of SMC Zurich (Oct 2018) and Draisine Derby 3 (Sept 2018) by Daniel Wernli and photos and video of the Space Agency at Espacio Odéon Bogotá (Oct 2018) online now …mehr

29. November 2018

Everything comes to an end, including Kunst: Szene Zürich 2018 (see Tages-Anzeiger). The experiment raised questions. Let's talk about these on December 2 at Theater am Neumarkt Zurich. We cordially invite you to the closing ceremony …mehr

23. Oktober 2018

The Swiss collective Juice & Rispetta (with Olivier Rossel, Johannes Willi and Benedikt Wyss) is looking for human proximity in World-space in its Space Agency in the exhibition Espacio Odeón Intensivo. This is not so much about spatia …mehr