Open call 2020:
February; call for artists for the summer residency in Jul/Aug 2020

Final presentation 2020:
Saturday, 23 October

Past exhibition:
Chika Anadu, Zayne Armstrong, Tobias Madison
Final presentation and book launch
Opening 25 October 2019
26 Oct–25 Nov

In March 2019, Lago Mio, the first artist residency in the old town of Lugano, was inaugurated by Basel based Swiss artist Johannes Willi. In July it opened its doors to the next guests, three filmmaking artists: London-based Nigerian filmmaker Chika Anadu, EU-based, American-born artist Zayne Armstrong, and Swiss artist Tobias Madison, who currently lives in New York. The final presentation of their works will take place on the entire 250 m2 of the residence. Mainly but not only videos will be shown.


Future residency project:
Explorers Film Club Dreispitz Münchenstein/Basel, 2020/21

Past residency projects:
Chika Anadu Zayne Armstrong Tobias Madison Lago Mio Lugano, summer/fall/winter 2019
Ich heisse Luft Lago Mio Lugano, winter/spring 2018/19
​Haus #99 [last days] Allschwil/Basel, summer 2016

Lago Mio Lugano
Artist residency / Residenza d'artista
Via Cattedrale 15
6900 Lugano
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Photography: Nicolas Gysin

18. Dezember 2019

Closing event at Lago Mio Lugano: last chance to see our exhibition Anadu –Armstrong – Madison  on Friday, 20 December. We are celebrating the closing and a special Christmas opening of Turba. 6-8pm #finissage followed by live set b …mehr

12. Dezember 2019

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12. November 2019

– _ - o cometa from São Paulo accompany artists on journeys outside their usual places #carnavalparódico#actopolítico#cardúmenerótico For Spectra Aliento, we collectives, social groups, artists gathered during the 45 Salón Nacion …mehr