Kokon Hybrid conferences on co-creation in the arts
by Björn Müller, Ramona Sprenger, Benedikt Wyss, and Alexander Keil

How do we work together? How do we want to work together? What does it mean to co-create? What can and what must change? The world today is full of all kinds of co-creatives and innovation hubs beyond the art milieu. The digital and analog conferences of KOKON question the idea and the applicability of co-creation to the art business and beyond. How must creation processes and structures for co-creation change – and vice versa? What does co-creation mean for institutions in relation to their artists and the public? Does the idea of co-creation change our view of the work? How can funding structures support co-creative work? etc.

Edition 1 with Festspiele Zürich
Edition 2 with Migros Kulturprozent m2act

Photo: Nicolas Gysin/KOKON

06. January 2021

Explorers Film Club Artistic research on urban metamorphosis / Künstlerische Forschung zu urbaner Metamorphose 24 February 2021: Screening Deborah Joyce Holman & Yara Dulac Gisler 24 February 2021: small exhibition Pilar Quint …mehr

18. November 2020

News: New videos on Vimeo Happening Draisine Derby Research project Explorers Film Club Kokon Conference on Co-creation Lago Mio Lugano artist residency Exhibition 68-88-18. Freiraum in Basel …mehr

03. November 2020

News: Lago Mio Lugano artist residency is pleased to announce its small exhibition «Lago Mio 2020: Work in progress» featuring new video works by its 2020 visiting artists Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and non-physical resident Dian …mehr



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