Explorers Film Club:
The EFC takes place in a former industrial freeport, in the city of Basel, Switzerland. The so-called Dreispitz (german: tricorn) extends over 50 hectares. Until a few years ago, large parts of it were inaccessible for 80 years as a duty-free zone and are therefore «undiscovered». 2020/2021 four artists are invited to reside in the Dreispitz and develop a new video/film work.

Lago Mio Lugano:
We were thrilled by the numerous applications for the 2020 late summer residency in August/September 2020, including an exhibition opening on 24 October 2020. It has been a real struggle to make our final selection, and we are all the more delighted with the well-considered choice made by our jury: Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and Diana Lelonek.

22. July 2020

Camp Solong is happening again, now for its fourth summer session – this year, in the rolling hills of the Swiss countryside, hosted by Country SALTS, for the weekend of 28 – 31 August (Friday 10 am to Monday 10 am). Right NOW, Camp So …mehr

06. July 2020

SALTS TALKS is the new video series by SALTS. Contents are filmed in the days before the opening of the exhibition. + …mehr

25. June 2020

Get to know methods and programs with which you and your group can create together. Welcome to KOKON, super Experimentierkonferenz, Deutsch/English, und vor allem mit unseren lieben Freund*innen Adriana, Alex, Björn, Claudio, Eva, Georg, K …mehr