PRIMO Print in motion:
How to deepen your reading experience? How to bring your book, poster, or flyer to life? Become part of PRIMO, the simple and stylish AR multimedia experience for printed publications, streaming film stills as videos to smartphones.

Publications using Primo:
Anadu Armstrong Madison Willi Lago Mio Editions Lugano 2019
Dorian Sari La Parade de l’aveuglement Centre culturel suisse, Paris 2020
Publications of SALTS, Birsfelden/Bennwil 2020
Publication Institute Fashion Design HGK/HNW, Basel 2020
Publication Draisine, Christoph Merian Verlag Basel 2020

For information and prices please contact us via mail.

Concept by Benedikt Wyss, developed with Neuland GMbH, initiated with Philippe Karrer
Video stills: Milan Büttner, Primo Print in motion
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17. September 2020

This evening we will show a video installation by Puck Verkade on Dreispitz at Club Elysia as "Explorers Film Club", 8–10pm, looped, enter and exit when you want. Mask. With great roof terrace, music, drinks, free samosa, open end, Puck. …mehr

22. July 2020

Camp Solong is happening again, now for its fourth summer session – this year, in the rolling hills of the Swiss countryside, hosted by Country SALTS, for the weekend of 28 – 31 August (Friday 10 am to Monday 10 am). Right NOW, Camp So …mehr

06. July 2020

SALTS TALKS is the new video series by SALTS. Contents are filmed in the days before the opening of the exhibition. + …mehr