App: PRIMO Print in motion, 2019

PRIMO Print in motion
A video app for printed publications

How to deepen your reading experience?
How to bring your poster, your flyer to life?

Become part of PRIMO Print in motion –
the simple and stylish AR multimedia experience for printed publications.

Send us your picture and video today and you'll be with us tomorrow.
For information and prices please contact us via mail.

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12. November 2019

– _ - o cometa from São Paulo accompany artists on journeys outside their usual places #carnavalparódico#actopolítico#cardúmenerótico For Spectra Aliento, we collectives, social groups, artists gathered during the 45 Salón Nacion …mehr

30. Oktober 2019

Today we are doing a small Social Muscle Club in #Bogotá at the LIA Laboratorio Interdisciplinario Para Las Artes. The first club in South America takes place as part of the Salón Nacional de Artistas @45SNA – but contact us if yo …mehr

02. Oktober 2019

...zum Artikel #sodeli versnobt + kindisch + geschmacklos + unfasnächtlich = Kuttlebutzer #jeantinguely Basler Fasnacht 1974 bz Zeitung für die Region Basel Fotografie #helensager Dangge für den Austausch #michaelluisier SRF Ku …mehr


1. Make sure you have good internet connection.
2. Open the app on your mobile device.
3. Make sure that the book page is flat.
4. Scan the image with your app camera.
5. The video stream starts automatically.

Good lighting conditions can greatly improve the detection.
Programming: Neuland Multimedia GmhH
The app was initiated with graphic designer Philippe Karrer.

PRIMO Print in motion available on the App Store and on Google Play.