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8 May Institut Kunst HGK Lago Mio Lugano
29 May Explorers Film Club: Puck Verkade Elysia
15 Jun Restaurant Artemis Fontana opening Basel
19 Jun Spike Talk at Liste Art Fair talk Basel
7/8 Aug Social Muscle Club shows Ludwigshafen
19 Sept Draisine Derby 5 show Basel-Münchenstein
00 Sept Explorers Film Club screening Basel-M'stein
23 Oct Lago Mio Final presentation opening Lugano

Benedikt Wyss is based in Basel, Switzerland. He pushes the boundaries of curation in his independent artistic practice. In order to investigate new forms of encounter, Wyss initiates happenings in ever-changing environments, including a river, a restaurant, a construction site, a house awaiting demolition, a luxury hotel, train tracks, etc.
Wyss is a curator at SALTS Birsfelden. He founded the Kunstverein ‚Deli Projects‘, the art race ‚Draisine Derby‘, the Swiss branch of the ‚Social Muscle Club‘, the film research project ‚Explorers Film Club‘, and ‚Lago Mio‘, an artist residency in Lugano, Switzerland. He recently developed the AR video app ‚Primo Print in Motion‘ to digitally extend printed art publications. Wyss collaborated with Art Basel Parcours, Artemis Fontana Paris, Espacio Odéon Bogotá, Belluard Festival Fribourg, fructa space München, Kunsthalle Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel, Museum Tinguely, SALTS Birsfelden, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Turba Lugano a.o.

Past shows selection 2018/19
2019 On Fire – Vulnerable Footage SALTS Birsfelden
2019 Anadu, Armstrong, Madison Lago Mio Lugano
2019 Juice & Rispetta Salón Nacional/LIA Bogotá
2019 Draisine Derby 4 Dreispitz Basel/Münchenstein
2019 Social Muscle Club Zürcher Theater Spektakel
2019 Social Muscle Club Belluard Festival Fribourg
2019 Johannes Willi solo Lago Mio Lugano
2019 Daniel Karrer solo fructa München
2018 Juice & Rispetta Espacio Odéon Bogotá
2018 Social Muscle Club Schauspielhaus Zürich
2018 Water Yump Museum Tinguely Basel
2018 Ayahuasca La Vista Kunsthalle Basel
2018 68–88–18. Freiraum in Basel Clarahuus

2015–2019 youtube.com/benediktwyss
2020– vimeo.com/benediktwyss

19. Februar 2020

On 29 May 2020, our Explorers Film Club in Dreispitz will be launched at Club Elysia with Puck Verkade's premiere. EFC is curated by Benedikt Wyss and Samuel Leuenberger, in cooperation with Christoph Merian Stiftung & Atelier Mondial, …mehr

18. Dezember 2019

Closing event at Lago Mio Lugano: last chance to see our exhibition Anadu –Armstrong – Madison  on Friday, 20 December. We are celebrating the closing and a special Christmas opening of Turba. 6-8pm #finissage followed by live set b …mehr

12. Dezember 2019

[EN]     How to extend your exhibition catalog? How to bring your posters, your flyers to life? We developed PRIMO Print in motion with Neuland Software – the video app for printed publications, a simple and stylish AR multimedia experi …mehr


Benedikt Wyss
Rufacherstrasse 6
CH – 4055 Basel

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