Belluard Intl. Fribourg: SMC, 2019

Social Muscle Club Fribourg #1, 27 June, 2019
Co-produced by Belluard Festival


The Social Muscle Club enters its next round and opens the Belluard International Festival in an artillery fortress from the Middle Ages.
Der Social Muscle Club geht in die nächste Runde und eröffnet das Belluard International Festival in einer mittelalterlichen Artilleriefestung.

Concept Benedikt Wyss, Social Muscle Club with Marcus Rehberger and Knut Berger, Pascale Bonin, Lea Gessler, Philippe Graff, Sandra Gratwohl, Leon Heinz, Eva Heller, Sophie Krauß, Sandra Lichtenstern, Jesse Inman, Kukuruz Quartett, Benjamin Mathis, Gionata Morganti, Fabio Salerno, Rahel Savoldelli, Christoph Schön, Daniel Wernli Table hosts and hostesses Maxime Barras, Stefania Boggian, Oskar Coursin, Anya Della Croce, Marc De Mont, Laura Gavillet, Eddy Kunz, Mona Iranmanesh, Thierry Jobin, Julien Winckler, Chloé Mezzelani, Alexandre Milan, Basile Mülhauser, Ludovic Sturny, Maurane Sturny, Claudio Vogt With a text by Boris Nikitin Photography Nicolas Gysin

Belluard International
Esplanade de l'Ancienne Gare 3
Fribourg, Switzerland

Photo: Google & Nicolas Gysin

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