Call for artists

Call for artists

08. April 2016

The experiment: During an intense two week working period, ten strangers are going to turn an empty house into a living organism. HAUS99 offers a three week residency in basel (30th of may to 19th of june) to you and nine other artists. You‘ll get a room in a vacant house, equipped with the bare necessities. A garden, a cellar, garages, a laydown, some money to work and live, allaround-care through the curators, a lot of liberty and a few responsibilities. Wanna move in? Tell us why, until Monday 11 April. For more details:

18. Dezember 2019

Closing event at Lago Mio Lugano: last chance to see our exhibition Anadu –Armstrong – Madison  on Friday, 20 December. We are celebrating the closing and a special Christmas opening of Turba. 6-8pm #finissage followed by live set b …mehr

12. Dezember 2019

[EN]     How to extend your exhibition catalog? How to bring your posters, your flyers to life? We developed PRIMO Print in motion with Neuland Software – the video app for printed publications, a simple and stylish AR multimedia experi …mehr

12. November 2019

– _ - o cometa from São Paulo accompany artists on journeys outside their usual places #carnavalparódico#actopolítico#cardúmenerótico For Spectra Aliento, we collectives, social groups, artists gathered during the 45 Salón Nacion …mehr