PRIMO at Centre culturel Suisse Paris

PRIMO at Centre culturel Suisse Paris

03. März 2020

PRIMO Print in motion is happy to be part of a second publication: Dorian Sari's 180 page book "La Parade de laveuglement", which will be published on the occasion of his solo show at the Centre culturel suisse Paris. Dorian Sari (1989, Izmir) uses, in the form of sculptures, videos and performances, «ritual-like practices to show bodies that are exposed, devoted or resistant to compulsion. Using a poetic language, he draws the connection between a conscious and a subconscious collective». (ccsp)

Book launch 4 March 2020
Dorian Sari «La Parade de l’aveuglement»
Centre culturel suisse Paris
180 pages FR/DE 20 €

22. July 2020

Camp Solong is happening again, now for its fourth summer session – this year, in the rolling hills of the Swiss countryside, hosted by Country SALTS, for the weekend of 28 – 31 August (Friday 10 am to Monday 10 am). Right NOW, Camp So …mehr

06. July 2020

SALTS TALKS is the new video series by SALTS. Contents are filmed in the days before the opening of the exhibition. + …mehr

25. June 2020

Get to know methods and programs with which you and your group can create together. Welcome to KOKON, super Experimentierkonferenz, Deutsch/English, und vor allem mit unseren lieben Freund*innen Adriana, Alex, Björn, Claudio, Eva, Georg, K …mehr