CV/Portfolio: PDF (June 2020)

2020– SALTS Birsfelden/Bennwil / curator
2018– Lago Mio Lugano residency / co-founder, curator
2016– Draisine Derby / founder, curator
2016– Stadt.Geschichte.Basel / foundation board
2015– Kunstverein Deli Projects / co-founder, curator
2013– Social Muscle Club Basel / founder, curator

Benedikt Wyss (*1984) is based in Basel, Switzerland. In order to investigate new forms of encounter with a diverse audience, Wyss initiates happenings in unexpected and ever-changing environments. Since the beginning of 2020, Benedikt Wyss is curating SALTS Birsfelden alongside Samuel Leuenberger, with whom he is associated with several joint projects. Wyss founded the Kunstverein Deli Projects, the art race Draisine Derby, the Swiss branch of the Social Muscle Club, the Explorers Film Club for artistic research, or Lago Mio, an artist residency in Lugano, Switzerland. He recently developed the AR video app Primo Print in Motion to digitally extend printed art publications and Kokon, a digital conference for co-creation. Benedikt Wyss collaborated with Espacio Odéon Bogotá, Belluard Festival Fribourg, Festspiele Zürich, Kunsthalle Basel, Museum Tinguely, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Turba Lugano a.o.

Agenda 2020
Feb Explorers Film Club: Puck Verkade Dreispitz Basel 
31 Mar Social Muscle Club Kraftwerk Zurich online
10 May Social Muscle Club Kraftwerk Zurich online
25 Apr Camp Solong SALTS Birsfelden Corona
8 May Institut Kunst HGK Lago Mio Lugano Corona
29 May Explorers Film Club: Puck Verkade Elysia Corona
15 Jun Restaurant Artemis Fontana opening Corona
19 Jun Spike Talk / Liste Art Fair talk Basel Corona
27 Jun Conference for Co-Creation Festspiele Zürich
04 Jul Based On A True Story City SALTS Birsfelden
July Explorers Film Club: Pilar Quinteros Dreispitz Basel Corona
7/8 Aug Social Muscle Club Ludwigshafen Corona
Aug/Sept Bruckner/Langschied/Lelonek Lago Mio Lugano 
28 Aug CAMP SOLONG summer camp Country SALTS Bennwil

19 Sept Draisine Derby 5 happening Basel
00 Sept Explorers Film Club screening Basel-M'stein
23 Oct Lago Mio Final presentation opening Lugano

Shows 2018/19 selection
2019 On Fire – Vulnerable Footage SALTS Birsfelden
2019 Anadu, Armstrong, Madison Lago Mio Lugano
2019 Juice & Rispetta Salón Nacional/LIA Bogotá
2019 Draisine Derby 4 Dreispitz Basel/Münchenstein
2019 Social Muscle Club Zürcher Theater Spektakel
2019 Social Muscle Club Belluard Festival Fribourg
2019 Johannes Willi solo Lago Mio Lugano
2019 Daniel Karrer solo fructa München
2018 Juice & Rispetta Espacio Odéon Bogotá
2018 Social Muscle Club Schauspielhaus Zürich
2018 Water Yump Museum Tinguely Basel
2018 Ayahuasca La Vista Kunsthalle Basel
2018 68–88–18. Freiraum in Basel Clarahuus

Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt: Artemis Fontana 2019, Taumel 2017, Umwelt Mode 2017, Haus#99 2016
Christoph Merian Stiftung: Explorers Film Club 2019, Artemis Fontana 2019, On Fire 2019, Water Yump 2018, Ayahuasca 2018, 68–88–18 2018, Feldexperimente 2017, Taumel 2017, Umwelt Mode 2017, SMC 2016/17, Draisine 2017-19, Creeper 2016, Haus#99 2016, MOBR 2015
Città di Lugano: Lago Mio Lugano 2019, 2020
Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim Stiftung: Villa Incognito 2015
Ernst Göhner Stiftung: On Fire 2019, 68–88–18 2017, SMC 2014/15/16/17, Copa>Demo>Video>Stream 2014
Ernst und Olga Gubler-Hablützel Stiftung: Artemis Fontana 2019, Water Yump 2018, Ayahuasca 2018, Taumel 2017
Fachausschuss Theater und Tanz BS/BL: SMC 2014/15
GGG: Water Yump 2018, Copa>Demo> 2014, First Love Expo 2013
Lucius und Annemarie Burckhardt Stiftung: 68–88–18 2017
L. + Th. La Roche Stiftung: On Fire 2019
Migros Engagement: Lago Mio Lugano 2020
Migros Kulturprozent: On Fire 2019
Oertli Stiftung: Villa Incognito 2015
Pro Helvetia: Playa Del Musculo Social 2019, On Fire 2019, Space Agency 2018, Ayahuasca 2018, SMC South Africa 2016
Scheidegger-Thommen Stiftung: 68–88–18 2017
Stiftung Edith Maryon: Haus#99 2016, SMC 2014/15
Stiftung Wolf: 68–88–18 2017, Draisinenrennen 2016
Sulger-Stiftung: 68–88–18 2017
Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation: On Fire 2019
Südkulturfonds: On Fire 2019
Swisslos BL: On Fire 2019, 68–88–18 2017, Draisinenrennen 2016
Swisslos-Fonds BS: On Fire 2019, Water Yump 2018, 68–88–18 2017, SMC 2016/17, Draisine 2016, Copa>Demo>Video>Stream 2014
Zürich Kanton: Social Muscle Club Schauspielhaus Zürich 2018

22. July 2020

Camp Solong is happening again, now for its fourth summer session – this year, in the rolling hills of the Swiss countryside, hosted by Country SALTS, for the weekend of 28 – 31 August (Friday 10 am to Monday 10 am). Right NOW, Camp So …mehr

06. July 2020

SALTS TALKS is the new video series by SALTS. Contents are filmed in the days before the opening of the exhibition. + …mehr

25. June 2020

Get to know methods and programs with which you and your group can create together. Welcome to KOKON, super Experimentierkonferenz, Deutsch/English, und vor allem mit unseren lieben Freund*innen Adriana, Alex, Björn, Claudio, Eva, Georg, K …mehr