Social Muscle Club #5

Social Muscle Club #5

01. April 2016

Du bist eingeladen in den Social Muscle Club, am Freitag 1. April um 19 Uhr im Fitness-Club Swiss Training, Vogesenstrasse 87 in Basel. Hier gibts Tickets: Bäckerei Kult / Riehentorstrasse 18, Eisuru Markthalle / Steinentorberg 20, Swiss Training / Vogesenstrasse 87. 15.- / Abendverkauf / english table

06. January 2021

Explorers Film Club Artistic research on urban metamorphosis / Künstlerische Forschung zu urbaner Metamorphose CANCELLED / COVID / TBA 24 February 2021: Screening Deborah Joyce Holman & Yara Dulac Gisler 24 February 2021: sma …mehr

18. November 2020

News: New videos on Vimeo Happening Draisine Derby Research project Explorers Film Club Kokon Conference on Co-creation Lago Mio Lugano artist residency Exhibition 68-88-18. Freiraum in Basel …mehr

03. November 2020

News: Lago Mio Lugano artist residency is pleased to announce its small exhibition «Lago Mio 2020: Work in progress» featuring new video works by its 2020 visiting artists Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and non-physical resident Dian …mehr