Basel University: Deal with it, 2023

Deal with it
African Heritage in Basel
Perspectives on the handling of African cultural assets in Basel collections and research institutions

Exhibition 25.8.2023-31.1.2024, University Main Library
Vernissage on Thursday 24.8.2023

Why is Basel, of all places, home to such an accumulation of institutions related to the African continent? The common history goes back centuries and has long been colonial. With the university's clear commitment to research about, in, and with Africa, Basel has developed into an international center for interdisciplinary African research over the past 150 years.

The exhibition "Deal with it. African Heritage in Basel" looks at the history and present of five Basel institutions from the perspective of students: the Basler Afrika Bibliographien, the Mission 21, the Museum der Kulturen Basel, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and the University of Basel. The institutions accepted the invitation and engaged with the student perspectives. Now we challenge you, dear visitors: Deal with it. Discuss with us.

11. February 2024

Buchvernissage: 11. März 2024, 18.30 Uhr Historisches Museum Basel, Barfüsserkirche, Barfüsserplatz 7, Basel Mit Spannung erwartet, nun sind sie da: die ersten vier Bände der neuen Basler Stadtgeschichte sind ab 9. März 2024 überal …mehr

17. August 2023

Am Donnerstag, 24.8.2023, eröffnet unsere Ausstellung «Deal with it. Afrikanisches Erbe in Basel. Perspektiven auf den Umgang mit afrikanischem Kulturgut in Basler Sammlungs- und Forschungsinstitutionen» im Ausstellungsrraum der UB Base …mehr

10. June 2023

Immersive projection on Theater Basel by Refik Anadol: The work premieres on Monday, June 12, and the artist will be present on June 12 and 13. Refik Anadol will partake in the ‘Basel meets Blockchain’ panel on Monday, June 12 at Thea …mehr


Gesamtprojektleitung: Reto Ulrich & Alice Spinnler
Kurator:innen Ausstellung/Programm: Benedikt Wyss & Elisa da Costa, 
Recherche/Texte: Clara Graber, Gian Gaggiotti, Mario Kull, Ivana Tipura, Viviane Sprecher
Szenographie: Bravo Ricky
Grafik: Sylvan Lanz
Fotos: Nicolas Gysin