SALTS: SALTS Talks, 2020

Video series, first edition on 4 July 2020

Directed by Samuel Leuenberger and Benedikt Wyss, film/editing Nicolas Gysin, music Duri Collenberg

SALTS TALKS is the new video series by SALTS. Contents are filmed in the days before the opening of the exhibition, music is improvised by a musician in response to the image. The series starts with "SALTS TALKS: Artist Cassidy Toner - A show curated by my dog Boh" - about Cassidy Toner's exhibition "Based On A True Story" with Raphael Linsi, Valentina Minning and Tobias Spichtig.

Video Still: SALTS TALKS: Artist Cassidy Toner - A show curated by my dog Boh, SALTS 2020

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18. November 2020

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03. November 2020

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