Theater Spektakel: SMC Zürich #2, 2019

Happening, 17 August 2019

Concept/curation Benedikt Wyss & Social Muscle Club, scenery Demian Wohler, initiated by Zürcher Theater Spektakel

With SMC Basel, performance by Sophie Krauss, Léo Tona, Blaise Yerly, Eliot Harris, Ana García Fernández, Paula Marcos Agudo, Florian Wolf a.o. With table hosts Miriam Coretta Schulte, Claudio Vogt, Leila Vidal-Sephipha, Jan Steinbach, Thomas Moor, Gabriel Flückiger, Lea Leuenberger, Carolina Mora, Clifford Bruckmann, Yves Wüthrich, Christian Baumbach, Verena Weiss, Jill Emerson, Miriam Coretta Schulte, Sandra Lichtenstern a.o.

Down with the Alps! Clear view of the Mediterranean! On 17 August we celebrated the 40th birthday of the Speki and the free view of the beautiful and the unbeautiful, the overcoming of mountains, the community of all people. It was the largest SMC of all time, insieme, senza frontiere, at one table. The way to the last note was rocky. Because anyone who wants to fail must be able to stumble. Long live the SMC as a place where we are allowed to fall. Five days of Speki over rough and smooth – in perhaps the best SMC of all time.

Photo: Nicolas Duc

20. October 2021

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02. June 2021

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08. April 2021

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Benedikt Wyss mit Demian Wohler für SMC in Zusammenarbeit mit Jeff Zürich und dem Zürcher Theater Spektakel.


Jill Emerson, Lea Gessler, Leon Heinz, Jesse Inman, Sophie Krauss, Judith Müller, Sandra Lichtenstern, Benjamin Mathis, Fabio Salerno, Christoph Schön, Miriam Coretta Schulte, Daniel Wernli, Claudio Vogt, Demian Wohler, Benedikt Wyss


Kirill Tsybulevsky, Milian Zerzavy, Leila Vidal-Sephipha, Jan Steinbach, Daniel Zahnd, Thomas Rüttiimann, Vanessa Looser, Caspar Oertli, Thomas Moor, Gabriel Flückiger, Lea Leuenberger, Sophia Megert, Maximilian Sauer von Aichried, Carolina Mora, Lea Leuenberger, Evelyne Albin, Cindy, Christoph Schön, Clifford Bruckmann, Peter Mathoy, Katrin Stallmach, Irene Schlatter, Chantal Amberg, Tobias Winkler, Yves Wüthrich, Jesse Inman, Lea Käser, Jean-Luc Zengaffinen, Sasha Rosenstein, Lea Bloch, Christian Baumbach, Judith Müller, Lea Gessler, Verena Weiss, Jill Emerson, Elia Bianchi, Miriam Coretta Schulte, Daniel Wernli, Stefanie Hille, Claudio Vogt, Sandra Lichtenstern


Léo Tona, Blaise Yerly, Eliot Harris, Ana García Fernández, Paula Marcos Agudo, Florian Wolf, Carmen Hänggi, Victor Iberg, Nora Voutat, Tim Hutter, Katinka Streibelt, Samira Bär, Bryan Tomo

Technik: Stefan Falk

Film: Jeton Shali, Fotografie: Nicolas Duc​