IAGN/Atelier Mondial: Inherited, 2023


Noa & Lara Castro
Charlotte Horn
Joaquina Salgado
Rieko Tsuji

Curator: Benedikt Wyss
Space: Salon Mondial
Opening: Tue 25 April 2023, 7–10pm
Exhibition: 27 April–7 May 2023, Thu–Sun 2–6 pm

For the eighth time the international arts exchange program Atelier Mondial and the Institute Art Gender Nature HGK Basel FHNW propose a common project. The group show includes videos, paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances. The exhibited works tell of approaching and appropriating traditions, of what we inherit and what we pass on, of human and inhuman love stories and death struggles.

Image: Joaquina Salgado 2023

17. August 2023

Am Donnerstag, 24.8.2023, eröffnet unsere Ausstellung «Deal with it. Afrikanisches Erbe in Basel. Perspektiven auf den Umgang mit afrikanischem Kulturgut in Basler Sammlungs- und Forschungsinstitutionen» im Ausstellungsrraum der UB Base …mehr

10. June 2023

Immersive projection on Theater Basel by Refik Anadol: The work premieres on Monday, June 12, and the artist will be present on June 12 and 13. Refik Anadol will partake in the ‘Basel meets Blockchain’ panel on Monday, June 12 at Thea …mehr

08. June 2023

Finally Saturday: die Art-Party für alle Wir freuen uns, Euch ganz herzlich zu ‹Finally Saturday› einzuladen, unser Happening diesen Samstag, 17. Juni, 19:00–04:00 Uhr. Zusammen mit Art Basel, Kunsthalle Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel, Mu …mehr