Lago Mio: Lugano residency, 2020

Summer/fall 2020

  • Tue, 25 February: Open call for artists
  • Tue, 17 March: Application deadline* PDF
  • Fr, 17 April: Selection of artists
  • 7 July–7 September: Summer residency
  • Sat, 23 October: Exhibition opening**

In 2018, Lago Mio, the first artist residency in the old town of Lugano, Switzerland, was inaugurated with a sleep-over installation by conceptual artist Johannes Willi. 2019 it opened its doors to three filmmaking artists: Chika Anadu, Zayne Armstrong, and Tobias Madison (resident in physical absence). Lago Mio is now looking for visual artists for its third residency in July/August 2020, including an exhibition opening on 23 October 2020. The lake view residency above the roofs of the old town comprises ten rooms on 250 m2. In addition to curatorial support and housing cost takeover, Lago Mio provides a budget at free disposal, travel support, and additional production support for the final exhibition. Non-physical resident: Based on our last year's experience, we may accompany a third guest who is unable to travel for legal, health or other reasons. Applications for this residency in absence, including participation in the exhibition and in the publication, are to be marked with the email subject "Non-physical residency». For details see contract extracts below. Thank you for forwarding this call to potentially interested artists and institutions. (Call for artists 2020 PDF)

*Application: Send us either a motivation video (via, 1 min.) or letter (1’000 char.) plus cv/portfolio (PDF) to English. Available for the jury only, deleted after application process. (Call for artists 2020 PDF)
**The presence of the artist is expected. Exhibition until Christmas 2020.

Contract extracts:

  • The artist is invited to a two-month residency at the Lago Mio artist residency (LM) as a place to live and work.
  • The artist is committed to producing a work in exchange with the curators to present it in a final presentation/exhibition.
  • Host and curator are committed to providing the artist with support and conversation to the best of their ability.
  • A publication will unite the artists' works of 2020/2021. It comes with the AR video app «Primo Print in motion».
  • Support includes housing costs, budget at free disposal (1’800 CHF), production support (max. 1'000 CHF), travel support for exhibition/demounting (max. 300 CHF per artist). Non-physical resident: Support includes a production budget (max. 500 CHF). Production budget: receipted costs directly related to the production of the exhibition/artwork incl. material/technical purchases, rents, and payments to third parties involved in the production.
  • LM will invite to an open studio dinner to present the artists’ work and meet local practioners and committee members.
  • Together with our committee, LM offers a selected small supporting program, tailored to the artists’ wishes.
  • Basic tools in the LM workshop, other tools available upon request.

Past Lago Mio editions:
Chika Anadu, Zayne Armstrong, Tobias Madison summer/fall 2019
Johannes Willi winter/spring 2018/19

More residency projects curated by Benedikt Wyss:
Explorers Film Club 2020/21
Haus #99 [last days] summer 2016


Lago Mio
Lugano artist residency
Via Cattedrale 15
6900 Lugano, Switzerland

Directors: Carlotta Zarattini (host), Benedikt Wyss (curator)
​Committee: Giulia Brivio, Samuel Leuenberger, Alice Nicotra, Claudia Scholz, Philip Selzer, Giovanna Silva, Claudio Vogt, Johannes Willi
Jury: Elise Lammer, Benedikt Wyss, NN


Photography: Nicolas Gysin, Lago Mio

25. März 2020

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03. März 2020

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19. February 2020

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Lago Mio Lugano
Artist residency / Residenza d'artista
Via Cattedrale 15
6900 Lugano
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Lago Mio is kindly supported by Città di Lugano, ERSL Ente e Agenzia Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Luganese, EVAV Verein für die Erforschung und Vermittlung audiovisueller Kulturgüter Basel, and SALTS Birsfelden. Partners: Associazione Turba, Deli Projects, and PRIMO Print in motion. Thank you to our crowdfunding campaign partners: Die Mobiliar, Locarno Film Festival, Artphilein Editions, and Johannes Willi. Thank you to our private supporters: Camilla Fasolo Zarattini, Alan Pipitone, Danna & Giancarlo Olgiati, Lise & Alfredo Gysi, Marco Borradori, Associa- zione Spazio 1929, Anonymous, Andrea Grassi, Carlo Zarattini, Georg Loretan, Giulio Zarattini, Isabella & Filippo Ferrari, Michelle Nicol & Rudolf Schürmann, Rosella & Phillip Rolla, Anonymous, Angela Lyn, Demetrio Zanetti, Gianluca Bonetti, Veruska Gennari, Thomas Keller, Candia Camag- gi, Daniele Agostini, donors from the 1st of August event, donors from the Ich heisse Luft opening, Lena Lichtenstern, Sandra Lichtenstern, Ingrid & Alex Wyss, Miki & Max Tallone, Bruno Bolfo, Luisella & Luigi Degani, Bruno Labouret, Claudia Scholz, Elise Lichtenstern, Urs Jeker, Esmeralda Mattei, Pauline Martinet, Massimiliano Moro, Henri & Ra aella Peter, Roberto Pezzoli, Olivier Rossel, Daniele Cattaneo, Nicholas Costa, Nadia Emery, Cristina Fantin Gatti, Luisa Rusconi, Carlotta Rossi, Christoph Schön, Elide Brunati, Francisco Dias, Cristina Lucchetta, Guenda Bernegger, Francesca Felder, Elia Bianchi, Basil Ne , Fabio Pinto, Magali Riom Créatrice i.a. Thank you for the exchange of ideas: Philippe Bischoff, Marianne Burki, Luigi di Corato, Marco Franciolli, Gianni Garzoli, Elise Lichtenstern, and Sandra Lichtenstern